Luggage so strong, it could save your life


Partners, Testimonials | November 13, 2011

Luggageworks is the luggage of choice for tens of thousands airline pilots and flight attendants since 1989.

“I am a Falcon 20 Captain.  I fly freight from Dallas, TX.  One day last winter, while on a trip from FLW to SDF with a load of freight, the cargo door came open.  We were in descent from 31,000 to 11,000 and had just passed through about 20,000, when the door let go.  After a prolonged struggle to gain and maintain control of the aircraft, we made a successful landing.  Arriving at the ramp, we were unable to open the door the rest of the way because the hinges were bent completely out of shape.  We discovered that the bags containing our clothes had become wedged in the partially open door and had prevented our cargo from being sucked from the aircraft.  Had that happened, the likelihood of a successful landing would have been slim and none.  The [Stealth] drag-wagons kept cargo from being ingested in the left engine, which would have resulted in an uncontrollable situation.  For that and the great service I have had from my [Stealth] drag-wagon, I am very grateful.  I would also like to express my thanks for the prompt repair service and the no charge.  You guys are great—-we have 70 pilots and the majority use your luggage.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WO
RK!”  W.H., Captain.

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