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Advice on how to buy a piece of luggage….


Blackstone, Classroom 101 | October 2, 2012

CO Leather Duffel

David Henderson is the CEO of Blackstone Investment Group, the umbrella company of Carry Gear (and our sister companies) Advice from David on how to buy a good piece of luggage: What he said to look for:  Good wheels. Rubber wheels with sealed bearings should last virtually forever. Find out if they are rubber by […]

Fibers & Fabrics


Classroom 101 | September 9, 2011


In our last post we gave you the dictionary on types of Fabric, everything from Canvas to Twill! Today, we want to give you all the great terminology used in the world of Fabric and Fibers. First, what is the difference between Fabrics and Fibers? Fiber is what Fabric is made and can be a […]

Fabric 101

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Classroom 101 | September 1, 2011


When you are shopping online it is impossible to touch and feel what things are made of so you read the description – nylon, cotton, polyester, denim, silk and duck. Duck? What does Duck feel like? Even when you put your hand and even nose to a piece fabric do you really know what it […]