About Us

Carry Gear Solutions (CGS) is a woman-owned private label division of Blackstone Investment Group (BIG). The CGS team has been building bags for over 12 years. Both CGS and BIG are dedicated to the travel and transport business. From the urban commute to an overseas flight, to a trek up Mount Rainier, CGS and BIG provide the gear solutions to carry people’s stuff from point A to point B.

CGS also operates as the creative hub to many of the BIG brands and the operational, logistic arm to all BIG businesses. Creatively, this allows us to see a broad scope of the market. We are well known for our ability to react nimbly like a small company, and provide the consolidated benefits of a large company.

BIG Brand Picture:

Carry Gear Solutions

OEM/ODM bag and luggage solutions

Crew Outfitters,Inc

Retailer for airline and corporate programs


On-bike commuter and travel storage solutions


Launched in 2004, Haiku makes poetically functional accessories for women


US licensee for all LEGO bags, luggage and storage

Luggage Works,Inc

Market share leader in luggage for flight industry


Leader in outdoor gear and accessories

Viaduct Bags,LLC

Seattle-based urban commuter bags and accessories

Youngstown Glove Co.,LLC

Technical performance glove company